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Where artisanal grains and ingredients shine, Stevedore Bakery showcases local Southern farmers and growers in a mouth-wateringly delicious menu.  We celebrate the region's flavors through partners like PERC Coffee and Anson Mills to create an iconic neighborhood staple offering locally roasted coffee, artisan bread, hand-crafted pastries and daily provisions within the heart of Savannah's new Eastern Wharf.

Baking Philosophy

Don't be fooled by the richer color and deeper bake, our breads are darker for a reason!  

Made with heirloom grains from our friends at Anson Mills in South Carolina, many of our loaves use Abruzzi Rye and Buckwheat which are naturally darker in color than traditional flours.  These grains also add a richer flavor profile that you simply can’t find elsewhere.  

Our loaves do spend more time in the oven, as we intentionally bake our loaves further than most, to unlock a deep and complex flavor profile through caramelization of the crust.  

Additionally, almost all of our breads are naturally leavened by our house-made and developed sourdough starter.  This means that instead of using commercial yeast, we cultivate the natural organisms found in our fresh flour and local water to leaven the bread, much like people have for thousands of years.  Our breads start as a living organism that we create, feed and care for to deliver the highest quality of loaves.  Every little variation in each loaf and style gives it the character that we love and are passionate to share it with you.  

For example, the Country Loaf is naturally leavened with our sourdough starter and takes over 48 hours to produce - this time gives it a very rich and deep flavor - great for sandwiches, toast, ripping, and sharing!